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A free portable defragmentation tool with focus on individual files and folders

Marco D'Amato |
updated on February 4, 2024
1.3mb | free


Completely free-to-use for both personal and commercial purposes
Focus on files and folders rather than entire drives
Use it via a command prompt to create scheduled defragmentation tasks
Updates are released regularly


Nothing, as far as we're concerned
Price: $
Defragmentation tools can often be confusing and they can definitely take a while to complete. In real-life scenarios, you often want to defragment a file or a folder. For example, this can be useful if you want to speed up the loading of a certain program on your computer. WinContig provides a neat solution!

WinContig is a free-to-use defragmentation tool for Windows. You can simply download its executable and run it without having to go through the installation process. This makes it a great portable tool to have on your USB drive! The defragmentation process is aimed at specific files and folders, rather than defragmenting entire drives.

After adding a file or a folder, you can click Analyze to check its fragmentation state. After that, you can select individual files you want to defragment or choose the entire folder. When you start the defragmentation process, you are asked to check your drive for errors before starting the defragmentation, which is definitely a smart thing to do.

If certain files or folders get fragmented often (e.g. the Program Files folder), you can save your selection as a profile and load it later. The entire program can be controlled with a command prompt which makes it great for creating automated scheduled tasks. New updates have improved SSD detection and defragmentation and we must say that there is nothing we can complain about!
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